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Important Dates

2015 Easter Triduum
Mass times

Monday 30th April
6.30-7.30pm Confession (1st Rite)

Holy Thursday: 2nd April
7.00pm Mass of the Lord's Supper followed by Night Prayer

Good Friday: 3rd April
9.00am Stations of the Cross
followed by Confession
3.00pm Commemoration of the Lord's Passion
7.00pm Tenebrae Service

Holy Saturday: 4th April
7.00pm Easter Vigil Mass
Church cleaning 10.00am

Easter Sunday: 5th April
9.00am Mass
5.00pm Mass

9th May
Ignite Launch at Movie World

15th - 17th May
Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Welcome to St Mary's Parish

St Mary's Church, South BrisbaneLatest News & Events (download the newsletter for full details)

The season of Lent ends this Holy Thursday. The purpose of Lent is to prepare ourselves for the coming three days, which is called ‘Easter Triduum.’ The three-day observance begins with the Mass of the Lord’s Supper in the evening of Holy Thursday, reaches its high point in the Easter Vigil and ends with evening prayers on Easter Sunday. The solemn liturgies of the Triduum are the most important liturgies of the Church year.

In a special way, during these three days, we remember the saving act of Jesus, His Resurrection, and to celebrate our faith and identity as Christians. Because Christ was willing to die for our sins and was raised from the dead, death is no longer the end of life for us. It is the beginning of a NEW LIFE in Him.

To help us to focus and enter deeply the mysteries of the Triduum, the Church suggests that we fast and abstain from eating meat, especially on Good Friday and, if possible, Holy Saturday, too. Fasting from food and sin increases our love for the Lord, as we will stand at the foot of the cross on Good Friday contemplating His death for us. The moment that forever changed - and still changes – all human History, the great self gift of the Son of God who did for us what we could never do for ourselves. Ultimately, fasting helps us to become aware of our hunger for Jesus and our desire to be like Him. It causes us to ea-gerly desire to receive our Easter Eucharist.

Baptismal font restored
Baptismal font restored

Fasting and abstinence on Good Friday

1) Abstinence:

  • No meat may be eaten on days of abstinence.
  • Catholics 14 years and older are bound to abstain from meat. The sick, pregnant and nursing mothers are exempt.

2) Fasting:

  • Fasting means having only one full meal to maintain one's strength. Two smaller, meatless and penitential meals are permitted according to one's needs, but they should not together equal the one full meal. Eating solid foods between meals is not permitted.
  • Catholics from 18 to 59 years old are bound to fast. Again, the sick, pregnant and nursing mothers are exempt.

Also, to help us to focus on the mysteries of the Triduum, the Church suggests us to cover our crosses and statues in the Church in purple veil. The practice of covering crosses and statues began in the 17th Century. They are to be covered until the beginning of the Easter vigil. The purpose of covering crosses and statues is to help us to concentrate on the great essentials of Christ's work of Redemption. The veiling of the crucifix expresses the humiliation to which Jesus subjected Himself, of hiding Himself when the Jews threatened to stone Him, as is related in the Gospel of Passion Sunday [John 8:46-59, They took up stones therefore to cast at him. But Jesus hid himself, and went out of the temple (John 8:59)].
Pax et Bonum
Fr Lam Vu OFM Cap

Good Friday 3rd April, 7pm, at St Mary’s. The name Tenebrae is the Latin word for "darkness" or "shadows." Held mostly by dimmed and candlelight. The purpose of the Tenebrae is to reflect deeply on the sufferings and death of Christ for us and our salvation, and then commemorates the death of Christ at the Lord's Table.

This Tuesday at 7pm Fr Henry Paul will be celebrating Mass at St Francis Church and holding a reflection in the hall afterwards. Everyone welcome.

Saturday 4th April 10am.

Prep enrolments for 2016 at St Ita's Catholic Primary School at Dutton Park are now being accepted. Please spread the word to friends, family and neighbours. If you have a child due to commence Prep in 2016 please ensure that you have an application form completed as the interview process will commence early in Term 2. A birth certificate, baptism certificate and application fee ($50) are to accompany all applications. Application forms are available on the school website www.stitasduttonpark@qld.edu.au

Regular Mass Times

Saturdays 8am    and     Sundays:  9am and 5pm

Daily Mass:  (Monday to Friday): 7am

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