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Important Dates

27th February
Stations of the Cross
7pm every Friday during Lent

6th March
World Day of Prayer

15th March
Sacramental Program commences

Welcome to St Mary's Parish

St Mary's Church, South BrisbaneLatest News & Events (download the newsletter for full details)

Dear Parishioners,

I like to think of Easter as the time of anniversary. It is the time in which we remember not only the anniversary of our Lord’s Resurrection, but also the anniversary of our own Baptism. Thus on the second Sunday of Lent, the Church invites us to join the disciples in looking beyond the cross to: the glory of Easter, the glory of the Resurrection and the glory of the baptised.

At the Easter Vigil we renew our Baptismal promises to remind us of our Baptism day. Accordingly, anytime we are preparing for an anniversary, such as a wedding anniversary or any special event in our life, it is good to remember the promises that we made on that original occasion. For example, when a married couple renew their promises they are remembering the original promises and vows that they made. Lent is like preparing for an anniversary of our Baptism. So our prayer during Lent should focus around these questions: in what way have I lived up to my Baptismal promises? In what way have I failed in my Baptismal promises? In what way have I not walked with the Lord? Prayer is a vital practice to help us focus on our Baptismal promises and also to reflect on these questions.

A common practice of prayer during Lent is the Stations of the Cross, which we have at St Mary’s every Friday at 7pm. This is an appropriate meditation during Lent because we are reflecting on the love of Jesus for us in the Stations of the Cross. Please see the newsletter to read the full article.
Fr Lam Vu OFM Cap

The Immaculatine Sisters will be running a Sacramental Program to prepare our children to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. The program will be conducted before the 9am Sunday Mass at St Mary’s, following a prepared program of instruction If you would like to enrol your child (from Grade 3 or older) please contact the parish office. Date of commencement Sunday 15th March.

World Day of Prayer is a world-wide movement led by Christian Women of many traditions who call the faithful together to observe a common day of prayer each year. This year’s prayer service will be on Friday 6th March 10am at St Andrew’s Anglican Church, 160 Vulture St, South Brisbane. All Welcome.

Evangelisation Brisbane invites applications for the fulltime position of Youth Evangelisation Coordinator. For the full details of the position or to find out more, log on to www.seek.com.au and search Youth Evangelisation Coordinator. Applications close on Friday 13th March.

Caritas AustraliaPROJECT COMPASSION Please give generously and support the world's poorest people by offering your financial support through the envelopes or money box provided at the back of the church.


Regular Mass Times

Saturdays 8am    and     Sundays:  9am and 5pm

Daily Mass:  (Monday to Friday): 7am

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